Uncompromised commitment to science, safety, and compliance.


We are eager to satisfy the needs of patients of New Jersey.

In 2019, Pure NJ expects to dispense the Moxie brand, which is the highest quality cannabis-based products- in a wide variety of formats - for patients in need using cutting-edge innovation and the latest cultivation and extraction technologies, highly trained staff, and the strictest compliance standards.

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Pure NJ will grow and process marijuana plants to treat qualified conditions under the New Jersey Compassionate Use Marijuana Act such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and other serious medical conditions.

Our world-class facility will produce pharmaceutical-grade products including oils, dry flower, capsules, ointments, and tinctures that patients can buy at licensed dispensaries. Patients will need a doctor’s prescription and a card issued by the state Health Department to buy products.

Pure NJ’s team of experienced professionals has successfully established operations to cultivate, manufacture, deliver, and dispense Moxie products in California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada.

Our team includes medical doctors, pharmacists, regulatory compliance specialists, cannabis industry thought leaders, financial analysts and law enforcement agents. We are poised to immediately comply with New Jersey’s strict regulations, and have committed to establishing an experienced ethics and compliance division.  

Pure NJ’s leaders have deep roots in the Northern Region of New Jersey.

Our development plan, approved unanimously by Town Council, includes extensive safety measures, a community outreach component with financial support for patients in need, and a commitment to hire a diverse local team and provide them with above average pay, health care benefits, and educational opportunities.






Areas of Expertise


State-of-art mixed-light greenhouses retrofitted to produce medicinal marijuana products at large scale that allows Pure NJ to have a broad product offering of superior quality therapies at affordable prices in quantities that support New Jersey's rapidly growing patient population.


Pure NJ utilizes highly developed SOPs implemented by professionals with extensive experience in compliance, quality assurance, and safety.  Cultivation, manufacturing, and retail all follow a strict set of rules surrounding record keeping, public and employee safety, patient confidentiality (HIPAA), 16 CFR Poison Protection, ISO standards, and GMP/GAAP adherering practices.


Pure NJ brings exclusive access to Moxie, the world-renowned extraction company and producer of the world's most sought after line of extracted and infused medicinal marijuana products.  These therapies include vaporizable, ingestible, and topically applied products which have won over 80 industry accolades for both psychoactive and non-psychoactive forms. 


A proven track record is exemplified by repeated patient successful outcomes. Pure NJ drives its consistent successes through established strategies such as its unrelenting commitment to quality, education, and translational patient-care combined with extensive experience in finance, legal diligence, pharmaceutical compliance, and community outreach.

Education & DISPENSING

Education is our passion.  Pure NJ firmly believes that the process of self-discovery and understanding surround medicinal marijuana use is equally as important as the product itself.  Pure NJ team members are highly trained and experienced in educating new consumers to the therapeutic segments that comprise cannabinoid therapies.


Experience plays heavily into the psychology of well-being.  Pure NJ believes that medicinal marijuana therapies offer the opportunity to shift the traditional paradigm for healthcare.  Visual aesthetic and positive consumer-facing imagery play a major part in the overall development of a patient's personalized care by helping to break down myths and perceptions surrounding cannabinoid therapies.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi


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